Limit time spent

on browsing

any website URL

BrowseTimeLimit is a chrome extension that helps you focus by limiting time spent on distracting website!

  • Set custom time limits for specific websites or URLs.
  • Receive notifications when your time limit is reached.
  • No login, all data is stored in your browser.

Can't Get Things Done?

Spending too much time mindlessly browsing the web? πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

Are certain websites becoming a distraction, impacting your productivity? 😣

Easy to lose track of time online, leading to wasted hours and procrastination? ⏳

Set Time Limits, Track Them & Keep Focus

Here how you can achieve them with BrowseTimeLimit

Countdown Timer

List, Filter, Edit, Archive

Activity Analytics


Basic Demo


Unlock unlimited URL entries with our lifetime license.

No Subscriptions, Just One-Time Payment




Up to 1 URL entries

Free tier data access

Countdown timer

All 3 time's up actions

Unlimited browser storage

List, filter, edit, archive URLs

Focus mode, export data



One time

Unlimited URL Entries

All data access

All free features

Activity analytics

Priority support

Priority feature requests

Each new purchase is granted 100% money back within 7 days from purchase date.

Please request the refund at [email protected].

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Start Setting Time Limit on Distracting Website Today!

Focus on your work and stop procastination!