Latest update on BrowseTimeLimit:

2024-03-06: Product Launch 🥳

Limit time spent on distracting websites by setting restrictions based on their domain URLs.

Features included:

  • ✅ Add URLs: Start with one URL for free (we might add more based on demands!) and upgrade to unlimited URLs with the Pro plan.
  • ✅ Flexible Time Limits: Set customized time limits, whether it's 10 minutes per day on YouTube or 3 hours per day on Netflix.
  • ✅ Notifications: Receive gentle pop-up notifications when your time is up, with options to block or resume browsing.
  • ✅ Edit URL Time Limits: Adjust time limits for specific URLs to better suit your needs.
  • ✅ Additional Features: URL archiving, search filtering, activity analytics, and more.